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Courtyards surrounded by ivy-covered walls, balconies with dramatic seaside views, quiet back roads in historical towns, and ocean piers offering visions of dazzling sunsets all call one thing to mind: romance. These cozy, atmospheric locales exist all over America and provide ample opportunities for intimate, memorable picnic meals with the one you love. Just pack your picnic basket and an overnight bag and you’ll be ready for a romantic weekend unlike any other.

1. Big Sur 

Nothing can compare you for the awe-inspiring, breathtaking views you’ll encounter in this region of California’s Highway 1. Even seasoned travelers who think they’ve seen it all are blown away by the sheer beauty of the dramatic rocky cliffs overlooking serene blue ocean waves. The scenic, meandering drive is an essential part of the experience – you’ll want to stop at every lookout. In warm weather, plan to spend the night at one of the open campsites on the water – it’ll be an unforgettably romantic experience.

2. New York City

The city that never sleeps has an almost palpable energy to it that no other city can come close to. There are so many romantic places and activities, you’d have to make multiple trips to do them all. Ice skating in Rockefeller Center is at the top of the list for winter picnic spots; make sure to bring a couple mugs of hot cocoa. In any other season, take a carriage ride through Central Park and stop for a picnic meal you’ll never forget. Rooftop overlooks, glamorous city lights blending into the starry skies, and the exciting bustle of Times Square add to the cosmopolitan appeal of this chic and sophisticated metropolis.


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