This year didn’t pan out the way any of us planned to say the least! Most of us had to postpone any travel plans we had. Instead of traveling overseas, we adventured close to home and maybe even got around to a couple of house projects that we were always putting off. TRAVEL DESTINATIONS FOR 2021

One thing this year really installed in us is the appreciation we have for traveling around the world and immersing ourselves in different cultures. Most people around the world rely on tourism as their main source of income. It’s more important than ever to thoughtfully travel and put your money into local communities all around the world.

Now that countries are starting to re-open for travelers, it’s a great time to start thinking about 2021 travel plans. We could all use something to look forward to, right? Whether you’re wanting to venture to a more remote destination, relax on an exotic beach somewhere, or go on a staycation closer to home, here are our top travel destinations of 2021!


The Emerald Isle, or Ireland, is known for its rolling green hills, rugged coastlines, and breathtaking scenery. From incredible sights such as the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, Slea Head. And more, it’s a destination that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list!

This country is the perfect blend of old and new traditions. Grab a beer in some of the oldest pubs in the world, visit historical sites like the Blarney Castle, and explore it’s evolving foodie scene. Ireland is also a haven for adventure and nature lovers, including cyclists, hikers, and even surfers.

Ireland is currently open to US citizens but not without self-isolation for 14 days upon arrival (as of September 20, 2020). While that isn’t practical for most people. It’s a telling sign that Ireland is on its way to opening the borders without restrictions. While we are waiting for that to happen, you can book your Ireland trip now and pay later!

6 Reasons Why Ireland Is a Must-Visit Destination


Have you always wanted to visit Africa, but have simply been too overwhelmed by the vastness of this sprawling continent? Well, South Africa and the surrounding countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe. And Zambia, are the perfect choice for your bucket list safari or adventurous vacation! From the powdery beaches that touch two different oceans to the dramatic landscapes that play host to some of the most iconic African wildlife, South Africa is full of diversity. Perhaps most well-known for the legendary leadership of Nelson Mandela in the 1990s. This nation is a multiethnic society with a myriad of rich cultures, languages, and religions. Offering a variety of cultural immersion experiences and culinary traditions, as well as some of the world’s best safaris, South Africa is limitless in both adventure and beauty.  TRAVEL DESTINATIONS FOR 2021

The vast number of species that inhabit these beautiful countries provides fantastic opportunities for travelers to spot a number of animals on a safari excursion throughout southern Africa. On our Acanela trips, travelers will have the chance to see giraffes, lions. And other big cats on exciting game drives in places like Savuti and Kruger National Parks, as well as paddle in dugout canoes to view crocodiles, hippos, and elephants in places like the Moremi Game Reserve. And, don’t forget our excursion to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe!

Safaris have an incredible, multi-generational appeal that will not only spark the imagination and awe of children but will please the adults in the family, as well! After all, who wouldn’t enjoy an epic adventure spotting some of the most iconic African animals in the wild? 


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