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These are the best summer vacations in the USA to enjoy all the flavors and vibes only summer has.

As the warmer months approach, you need to plan your vacation (or a long weekend getaway). If you don’t want to travel abroad, this list with the best summer vacations in the US is perfect for you!

As said, this article has the best places to travel spread across the US, where you can enjoy the good weather and those sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that only come in summer.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, you’ll undoubtedly find a trip for your taste here.

From mountains to beaches, national parks, city trips, ideas for couples, and more! Choosing only one will be difficult. Sorry, not sorry.

Best Summer Vacations in the US

1. Utah Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations

If you love the outdoors, Utah is probably one of the best vacation spots in the US and also a great spring break destination for you.

In southern Utah, you can roam among the cactus and sagebrush in the desert, drive five hours north, and enjoy the cooler temperatures surrounded by pine trees and alpine lakes.

It literally has it all.

While it may get insanely hot here in the summer, 100+ F, it’s still a great destination.

Best summer US travel destination

I’ve lived here for three summers now and visited the summer before I moved here, too.

It’s one of the best summer vacation spots in the US because there are many national parks, national monuments, recreation areas, state parks, and other hikes so close together.  

Even if you don’t like hiking, the scenery is worth seeing. It almost feels otherworldly in places.

Also, the drives between parks are hard to beat, usually the most tedious part, scenery-wise. If you’ve never seen the desert, this is an excellent place for your desert experience.

Some of the highlights are walking among the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, hiking to Delicate Arch in Arches, running with the goblins in Goblin Valley, and being awestruck by the scenery in Zion.

Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, it’s hard not to be blown away by the landscapes.

Where to stay in Utah

Megan at Red Around the World

2. Kauai, Hawaii Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations

There’s no bad time to visit the Hawaiian Islands, as long as you’re into swaying palm trees, gorgeous sandy beaches, and warm sea breezes.

But if you’re heading to Kauai, summer is an ideal time to enjoy the best of all the natural features the Garden Island has to offer, making it not only one of the best US vacation spots but also an incredibly romantic getaway in the USA.

The northernmost of the archipelago, Kauai’s diverse landscape includes everything from lush, tropical rainforests and towering waterfalls to deep canyons painted in red and green. Summer Vacations

Adventure vacation

The picturesque Na Pali Coast to the northwest offers breathtaking hiking trails along the rugged shoreline and above the clouds.

At the same time, plentiful sandy beaches like Hanalei Bay and Poipu provide spots to spread out and relax under the beaming sun. Summer Vacations

Summer is the dry season on Kauai, making outdoor adventures and sightseeing flights to see the island’s remote interior more feasible.

The ocean is calmer during this time of year, too, perfect for snorkeling and splashing around in the waves on warm afternoons that heat up into the mid-80s.

And while summer may be on the heels of winter as the peak tourist season, the crowds tend to stay lower on this laid-back island full of small towns than on its more famous neighbors of Oahu and Maui.

Where to stay in Kauai

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3. Oregon Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations

There are many things to do in Oregon, but for a truly unique experience, stay a few nights in a historic fire lookout tower. Decades ago, Oregon had more fire lookouts than any other state. 

Now, the Forest Service has created a new travel experience by renting them out to anyone who wants to experience living in a house of glass. Summer Vacations

Our family has stayed in two lookout towers, and there are at least 18 in Oregon that can be rented.  There are several styles of lookouts, some on stilts 20-40 feet in the air. 

Others are on the ground but at the peak of a ridgetop.  Each lookout features expansive windows on all 4 sides, offering unabated views in every direction. Summer Vacations

A starry night

You’ll never forget your first night on a lookout, making it one of the best summer vacation spots in the US. 

The stars spread out forever in an endless haze, and the Milky Way and constellations are crystal clear.  But my favorite time of day on a lookout is sunrise. 

Don’t close the window shades!!  Let yourself be awakened as the sun colors the sky, and watch from the comfort of your bed as it peeks over the ridgetops and filters through the trees.

Staying on a lookout isn’t for everyone.  The lookouts are very remote,  and while you can drive right up to a few of them, some include a steep hike to the top. 

Amenities are few and don’t usually include running water or trash service.  They do feature wood stoves, and most have cots or beds.  Summer Vacations

And book early because they tend to fill up fast. You’ll never regret renting a fire lookout in Oregon, and I guarantee you’ll always remember it.

Where to stay in Oregon

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4. Acadia National Park, Maine

Summer Vacations

Acadia National Park, located in Maine, USA, is one of the best places to visit during the summer.

The food is glorious, the weather is fantastic, and the vibes are intoxicating. Oh, did I mention the hikes in Acadia are out of this world?

One of the best places to stay in Acadia National Park is the , located in the charming city of Bar Harbor.

The historic hotel was built in 1881 and is only a walk away from all the restaurants, bars, and pier.

Eating seafood in Acadia National Park is a MUST. Of course, it is necessary to have the obligatory lobster rolls. For dessert, try eating anything with blueberry as it is their specialty.

There are blueberry pies, drinks, ice creams, and candies. I also recommend eating the popovers at Jordan Pond House.

Pro tip: I highly suggest making reservations in advance because it does get pretty crowded.

Hike, hike, hike

One of the best things to do in Acadia is to hike!

The National Park is filled with fantastic hiking trails. One of the most popular ones is called the Precipice Trail.

It is a favorite hike due to having to climb and scramble up the mountain. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is a unique, fun hike.

Acadia National Park is a great vacation spot in the summer. During the fall, winter, and spring, most shops close up for the year, so it can become difficult to find accommodation, restaurants, and bars open.

Plus, the weather in the summer is just glorious, which makes it one of the best times to visit this beautiful national park.

Where to stay near the Acadia NP

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