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7 things that astounded me when living in 

What astounded me the most when I moved to Vienna, Austria? I’ve needed to expound on it for quite a while. I went through a year in Vienna and this experience showed me a great deal and in some sense changed my perspective. I concede I didn’t encounter any social stun because Austria and Poland share a considerable amount for all intents and purposes. In any case, there are a couple of things that astounded me when living in Vienna, Austria. Here are some of them.

1. Snow-capped spring water in a tap. 

One of the principal things that astounded me in the wake of moving to Vienna was the way that there was an extremely little choice of packaged despite everything water in the close-by grocery stores. Following a couple of days, I discovered that it is because everybody is drinking faucet water here. Maybe for some of you, there will be nothing peculiar in it, however in where I originate from, it isn’t so self-evident. Drinking faucet water without bubbling it or sifting it? No chance! Vienna Austria

altered my perspective when I was clarified that Viennese water originates from Elevated mountain sources (look at: Where the Alps start and Climbing in the Viennese Alps). Springwater is provided to Vienna by a 120 km reservoir conduit, which, as I heard, was worked for the Sovereign and his court, yet later it was chosen to make this gem understood water accessible to others. What’s intriguing, the watercourses through the hydroelectric force plant. Delivering 65 million kilowatt-long stretches of vitality, which is sufficient to cover the power request of the whole city ofVienna! Smart, right? Vienna Austria

I need to concede that Viennese water tastes great. Also, there is nothing more invigorating than having a glass of cold water on a sweltering summer’s day. You don’t need to place it in the ice chest, toss ice 3D squares, etc. You simply turn on the tap and drink. Furthermore, there are sources in the city where you can empty drinking water into your jug. It’s something I miss when I don’t live in Vienna any longer. Vienna Austria

2. How the Danube stream looks these days. 

Let me come clean with you. Before I moved to Vienna, I had never been there. I knew this city just from photographs and I had some thought about what the city would resemble.

I’m certain the majority of you know the well known three-step dance « The Blue Danube » formed by Johann Strauss II. Each time I heard this song, I envisioned a blue, wide stream that streams stately by delegate structures and noteworthy dwellings. I don’t have the foggiest idea, possibly I believed that the Danube in Vienna looks somewhat like in Budapest. What’s more, truly, what I saw shocked me a piece. Nonetheless, I imagine that Johann Strauss II himself would likewise be stunned on the off chance that he perceived how the Danube looks today.

Over the previous century, the Danube has been controlled and is currently totally not at all like the stream it used to be. It is somewhat further from the notable focus of the city and separated by a portion of land into two troughs: the Danube (Dunau) and New Danube (Neue Donau). The water that streams close to the old town is the Danube Trench (Donaukanal), the arm of the Danube. Likewise, there is additionally the Old Danube (Alte Donau). No big surprise a few voyagers are somewhat befuddled.

The Danube Waterway, which streams close to the old town, additionally looks very explicit. The dividers are painted with spray paint, there are gardens where individuals develop vegetables, flower child bars and some road fine arts. Try not to misunderstand me, I like the vibes of this spot and when I lived in Vienna I frequently strolled there. However it’s simply not what I envisioned, so it totally amazed me.

3. The island in the city. 

‘I will be on the island this evening. Will we meet someplace at Depressed City or Copa Cagrana? I heard that they have great beverages in Sansibar. What do you think?’ Did you comprehend anything about this? Provided that I hadn’t lived in Vienna for some time, I wouldn’t understand what it was about

However, let me disclose everything to you. Indeed, in the focal point of Vienna is an island with seashore bars, grill territories. Bike and roller ways, and even nudist seashores. Danube Island (Donauinsel) is now and then called ‘Spaghetti Island’. This is a direct result of its shape: it is limited and more than 20 km long! It was made because of the waterway guideline and partitions the Danube into two troughs: the Danube (Donau) and New Danube (Neue Donau). You can likewise find out about it in my blog entries: Fascinating realities about Vienna and 5 elective activities in Vienna.

The island, which was worked to shield Vienna from floods, has become a most loved recreational region in the city and a gathering place for local people. Depressed City and Copa Cagrana are particularly well known in summer nighttimes. It is the waterfront with various bars and cafés associated by the Ponte Cagrana barge connect. Some bar names are very entertaining, as Sansibar. If you have additional time, make certain to visit this clamoring and laid-back spot in Vienna.

4. Spittelau and some other peculiar looking structures. 

One day when riding the U6 metro I saw the brilliant arch of Spittelau over the structures. I thought it was a castle or a sanctuary. I could never have thought it was only a city squander incinerator! Even such common things can astonish you in Vienna.

As I found a workable pace city to an ever-increasing extent, I began to stray from the generally accepted way to go. At that point, I found other bizarre-looking structures like Hundertwasserhaus, KunstHausWien, Willa Wagner II, Vienna Harmony Pagoda and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can find out about it in the blog entry: Top 10 most odd structures in Vienna.

5. Proficient titles all over. 

Dipl. Ing., Mag., MSc, Mama, Dr. and the various expert titles. There is a great deal of them and now and again it is hard to make sense of it. Likewise, in Austria, they are composed all over the place. So on the off chance that you are a guaranteed engineer (Dipl. Ing.), you will have this title composed in reports like a graduation endorsement as well as on such inconsequential things as a metro ticket or even your IKEA card. Same with the ace, specialist, and the rest.

Additionally, proficient titles are likewise composed by the names on the radio board, at the passageway to the apartment. Consider the possibility that somebody lives in a disconnected house. At that point frequently a sign is joined going back and forth or veneer of the structure saying that an educator, specialist, ace or confirmed architect lives here.

On the off chance that in my nation somebody, aside from perhaps a clinical specialist who has a private center at home, would do something like this, individuals would discover it, in any event, bizarre and neurotic. Be that as it may, in Austria, this is flawlessly typical and nobody is astounded.

6. Contrasts between standard German and Austrian German. 

The contrast between standard German and Austrian German is a broad theme. Furthermore, there is likewise the Viennese vernacular. So on the off chance that you just considered Hochdeutsch, you might be a little astonished how individuals talk in Vienna and not see a portion of the words.

I never considered German at school and when it worked out that I would have the chance to go through a year in Vienna, I started to concentrate all alone. I purchased books, introduced a few versatile applications, and attempted to discover some new information consistently.

All things considered, my language abilities were immediately checked the following morning after moving to Vienna. I went to the market to purchase something for breakfast and heard Grüß Gott rather than Guten Morgen. At the point when I needed to purchase rolls and requested Brötchen, the salesman said they had Semmeln in Austria. I additionally recall that when I needed to purchase cream, I was unable to discover Sahne anyplace. Later I discovered that there is Sauerrahm (harsh cream) or Schlagobers (sweet cream).

There are numerous instances of contrasts between standard German and Austrian German. At the point when I understood that what I realize all alone now and then isn’t valuable in Austria, I tried out a German course at the College of Vienna. There, aside from Hochdeutsch, I was likewise trained the Austrian rendition of the words and I could generally inquire as to whether I had any questions.

Since some interesting circumstances have happened frequently. I recollect one day I needed to purchase frozen yogurt in Tichy and I saw that there is another taste called Weichsel. Inquisitive, I composed the word in the interpreter on the telephone and saw the name of the Vistula Stream in my country Poland. I needed to purchase this frozen yogurt to discover that it is sharp cherry. I could make reference to a lot increasingly such contrasts, perhaps some time or another I will expound more on it on my blog.

7. Drinking matured grape juice. 

Toward the start of pre-winter, soon after the grape gather, the Viennese race to the close by vineyards to attempt Sturm. What is that? The sort of mixed beverage I previously expounded on in the blog entry about Top 10 activities in Vienna, Austria. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is called burčák or burčiak, in Germany: Federweißer, Super, Sauser, Neuer Süßer, Junger Wein, Neuer Wein.

Sturm is a semi-item made during the creation of wine, which can be expended only a couple of days after the beginning of the maturation of grapes. So at the end of the day, it’s never again grape juice, not wine yet. What’s more, not Beaujolais. Sturm isn’t yet clear, has a wonderful sweet taste and is marginally shimmering. It is hard to decide the liquor substance of this beverage, it is generally 4–10%.

In Vienna, you can purchase both white and red Sturm. By and by, I incline toward white, however, it merits attempting the two adaptations. Visiting a winery is the best thought, however, if you don’t have a lot of time, you can purchase Sturm even at the general store. It is sold in plastic containers that are not curved (the item is as yet aging), so it’s better not to place it in a bag!

Did any of the things I referenced here additionally shock you? Have you at any point lived or live someplace abroad? What astonished you in a remote nation?


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