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Would you agree with me, when I say: “Avoiding costly travel mistakes should be your number one priority when organizing your next trip?”

Well then, harken!

An estimated 9 out of 10 tourists don’t get the maximum out of their trips. Most pick bad itineraries, even more waste time where they needn’t, and almost all spend too much money – and that does even mention all the tourist scams.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how I save money, time and trouble on all my trips. Despite having visited more than 60 countries (stopped counting, really) and probably a 1,000 flights or more, I never lost my luggage, never got robbed and never got scammed (okay, there was this one time in Uzbekistan when a police officer made me pay way more than I should have).

But can you make use of all my accumulated mistakes and lessons learned?

Yes, you can! Instead of compiling a standard list of universal truths, I distilled precious gems from more than 30 years of travel experience for you. No matter if you are backpacking, cruising or enjoying luxury resorts, you can employ these tips and tricks to travel longer, better and cheaper.

Anyways, let’s get right into it, eh? travel mistakes

PS: And make sure to download my travel planning checklist at the very bottom of this post

1. Not comparing prices

Not comparing prices is the number one mistake of most travelers. Traveling is expensive and, for most of us, money is the limiting factor when planning a new trip. So, getting the best deal is an important factor when determining the quality and length of your stay. That’s why you should always compare prices. Always. Period.

I am a huge fan of booking.com, and there are a lot of flight search engines I frequently make use of. But that doesn’t mean I don’t check with my trusted travel agent and on the website of the property or airline directly. A travel agent will often be able to get you lovely perks (like a guaranteed upgrade or an additional night for free).

The comparison sites we all got used to often tell us, they got the best deal – but it’s not always true. After all, they want to earn some money in the process as well. travel mistakes

Also, if you are booking an all-inclusive-tour, do check whether it’s cheaper to book it separately and vice-versa. You probably won’t be successful most of the times, but sometimes you are. In the age of the internet, it takes you five seconds to validate an offer that sounds dead-cheap (but maybe isn’t). Sometimes, a deal WITHOUT breakfast (or full-board) and booking the meals at the receptions is cheaper than booking the package and vice versa. travel mistakes

And, sometimes it even helps to call the hotel. The hotel earns the most when you book directly via their site, so why not call them (or send them an e-mail) that you saw the deluxe room for $100 a night on booking.com and whether they want to match that price and add breakfast on top (but please don’t start insensitive haggling. travel mistakes


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