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The internet is buzzing with bucket lists for the under forties crew. But what about us late bloomers? The Xennials (not quite Millennials, not quite Gen X-ers) that ferreted away our twenties studying and working on our careers. Trying to get a foot on the property ladder, or maybe starting a family. Back then, “quitting your job to travel the world” was a far-flung dream, not a daily affirmation. 25 Things to do Before 40


#1 Swim in the Dead Sea (Sounds amazing right?)

Have you ever seen those photos of people reading a newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea? Things to do Before 40

Well, the truth is you actually can’t spend an entire afternoon sitting in the water, reading the day away. It’s likely you’d dissolve if you did that. Fortunately, you have us to help you have a great experience!

#2 Exploring the Rainforests of Costa Rica

A rainforest is a tropical forest. It’s a dense area of tall trees that receive heavy year-round rainfall – typically at least 100 inches (254 centimeters). The tall trees block out much of the sunlight, preventing heavy undergrowth as is found in a jungle. The canopy provides a high home for many birds and animals!

#3 Japan (MUST)

Over two-thirds of Japan is made up of mountains, perfect for hiking, and there are majestic volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, and vast forests inhabited by monkeys, bears, deer, cranes and other wildlife. The tropical beaches of the south are popular for sunning, snorkeling, diving, and surfing, and in fact, Japan’s coastline is one of the longest and most impressive in the world. Things to do Before 40

Japan – The Place that is known for the Complexities and Flawlessness


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