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If you love Christmas almost as much as Buddy the elf. (You know, Will Ferrel’s character from the movie Elf) then this is the post for you! So, grab a heaping jug full of egg nog and have a plate of Christmas cookies. (preferably warm and fresh out of the oven) at the ready, because we’re about to swan dive into 23 of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe. 

And trust me, these aren’t just any old European Christmas destinations. Oh, hell to the no! These are postcard perfect, idyllic AF places that are gonna make you want to do a celebratory Christmas jig as you take 20,000 uber-cute. Insta perfect photos that will leave your legions of social media followers dying of envy. Christmas In Europe

There are also a wealth of incredible, European locals on this list that are well off the beaten path. Unique cities and small towns that will get you away from the crowds and that will give you a real taste of authentic. European culture.  Christmas In Europe

So, if you’re ready, then don your finest Santa-inspired apparel commadere a rogue reindeer. And carry a piping hot mug full of hot chocolate (with little marshmellows in it of course). Because we’re about to get down and not-so-dirty with 23 of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe!

Yes Rudolf, it’s gonna be one swelerific ride. Yee-haw!

Also, just in case you’re wondering, yes. Me and my wicked awesome. Travel blogger friends listed below have lived in and traveled to Europe more times than we can count. That’s why, I consider us experts on the best places to spend Christmas in Europe, And, duh, you should too.

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