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How many places in the world have you visited so far? We hope you can knock off at least 5 on this list. If not, it’s time to put in those vacation day requests. From urban hiking in South America to bar hopping in Europe, Smarter Travel has 30 destinations guaranteed to change your life for the better. Get moving. Trips That Will Change Your Life

Mumbai, India

Few countries are as chaotic and colorful as India, characteristics perfectly embodied in its annual spring festival of love: Holi. The 16-day Hindu holiday celebrates new beginnings. And the divine love between Hindu gods Radha and Krishna with an onslaught of rainbow pigment and dancing. Beyond this incredible festival, Mumbai is teeming with life. See the Gateway of India on the Arabian Sea, visit ancient temples. And make your way to nearby Elephanta Island to explore its hand-carved caves adorned with Hindu gods. Trips That Will Change Your Life

Marrakech, Morocco

If bartering in a bustling medina sounds like your ideal vacation, Morocco is calling your name. Explore marketplaces, mosques, gardens, and palaces in this North African city. Marrakech is also a frugal traveler’s best friend, with an exchange rate of 10 U.S. cents per Moroccan dirham. And an extremely walkable infrastructure. Don’t pass on a camel ride through the Sahara, and take a hot-air balloon ride over the city. And surrounding desert to get the full perspective. Trips That Will Change Your Life

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Find urban hiking at its finest in Brazil’s Marvelous City. Where the sea, mountains, forests, and beaches come together to create an active tourist’s paradise. Climb up to Christ the Redeemer’s perch via Corcovado Mountain’s lush rainforest. You may even get to see monkeys and rare insects along the way. Lounge on the soft sands of Copacabana Beach, join the spring Carnival festivities. And head to nightclubs to enjoy new music and dance with the Rio locals who pride themselves on living a carefree lifestyle.


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