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Research Visa Requirements

17 Tips for First Time International Travelers

If you come from a country that has a strong passport like the United States and the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to visit a lot of countries without needing a visa. At the same time, make sure you do your research and see if the country you are going to requires a visa. International Travele

An easy way to determine if you need a visa is by visiting the embassy website for the country you are going to. I’ve traveled to 71 countries and have been able to apply online for my visas. Once approved, I print the approval letter and present it to the customs officials upon entering the country. Depending on the country you visit, you may have to print paperwork out and mail it the embassy of the country you’re visiting. Then, they will mail you your visa. Give yourself plenty of time to apply for a visa if you need one as the process can take a few weeks. You can use this website to check if you need a visa. International Travele

Make Sure You Have the Proper Vaccines

17 Tips for First Time International Travelers
17 Tips for First Time International Travelers

If you’re going to Africa, I highly recommend getting vaccines for yellow fever and malaria. Obviously, I’m not a medical professional. Regardless, I have friends who have gotten malaria because they didn’t get the vaccine. According to them, it’s not a fun thing to have. Click here to access the CDC website to see their recommendations for vaccines, health notices and helpful information regarding your destination. International Travele


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