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3. Sushi Itto

-Sushi delivered to your front door…Do I need to say anything else? If you think that there isn’t sushi in Panama, then you are in for a delightful surprise. Sushi Itto, in my humble, sushi snob opinion, is the best delivery sushi in Panama. Their Philadelphia rolls and Edamame are extremely scrumptious.

What’s even more interesting is when I’m walking to work or walking my mini schnauzer and the Sushi Itto delivery guy honks and waves as he zooms past on his little red moto. It must be a small world after all. Or, I order a lot of sushi!

4. American Dollar

-This is a commonly cited “reason” for why Panama is so great, and I agree whole heartedly!

For the foreigner, especially Americans, it is great because it doesn’t become “Monopoly money.” It is easy to be aware of exactly how much you are spending. There is no labor-intensive addition, subtraction, division or multiplication involved to figure out the price of a soda. So, in Panama, it is easy to grasp the value of what we purchase, instead of throwing away our Monopoly money at any and every chance we get. This is especially useful if you are off to the casinos!


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