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Road Trip travelwiide

We know a lot about travel bags but we know even more about road trip. Just kidding, bags are our forte. However, we have taken enough road trips to be able to help out the novice tripper with our list of the 10 most vital things to take with you on your next cross-country adventure.

Whether you’re hitting the open road with no real direction or setting out with a carefully routed, concrete plan, it’s always advantageous to bring a few road-trippin’ essentials along for the ride.

10.) Maps (Electronic or Old School)

Road Trip travelwiide

Like most people, you’ll probably start your journey with a plan. Hopefully, you’re aware of at least the main highways and interstates you’ll be cruising but make sure to always have maps of the area close at hand. Now, we aren’t saying you’re going to get lost, but you’re most likely going to get lost. Plus, sometimes it’s fun to explore routes you’ve never traveled before. You can always find state maps at highway rest stops or you can print maps off Google Maps or Map Quest. We highly, highly suggest bringing a GPS, whether it be an after market purchase or straight from your smartphone. Extra tip: Don’t forget your phones car charger!

9.) Travel Apps Road Trip

Road Trip travelwiide

Your smartphone isn’t just vital for routing your trip. There is pretty much an app for everything these days, many which can help make your road trip easier. We suggest downloading apps (before you start driving!) that help you find everything from great places to eat and clean hotels to parks and other points of interests. Also, use the Weather Channel app to get around storms, rather than drive through them.

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